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The battle of dukedoms in the aristocratic world - how Duke came to be. Dawn rose over Cleeve Hill one cold November morning in 1712, as the two noble peers from wildly different backgrounds faced one another for a duel to the death. 
On one side of the hill stood Marko Pandazis, the Duke of Fanciness from distant lands far away to the east. Sailing to these shores to stake his inheritance on a much sought after valley in Cheltenham, he was the challenger to the kingdom. 
Facing him was Ed Travers, the Duke of Smugness, defending his hereditary right to these lands with unforgiving authority. The battle for aristocracy was about to begin, as the exotic and vibrant peerage of the east clashed with the quintessential regality of the west. 
As swords were drawn and the men squared up, grave injuries and mortal crisis was averted when the magnanimous Flynn Stronach, Duke of Oneness, rode up to the scene in a flurry of beating hooves. With the successfully negotiated peace terms in hand, quarrels were settled, and celebration was called for. 
Following a feast worthy of fifty kings and copious barrels of ale, stories were told of each Duke’s past. Laughter was shared, and joy was in plentiful amounts. So it was, that as stories turned to folk songs and the trio of Dukes began to sing, something incredible happened. 
A love of music. An unrivalled harmony. An unstoppable aristocratic force. 


Vocals, Beatbox / Ed Travers
Vocals, Beatbox / Marko Pandazis
Vocals, Guitar / Flynn Stronach


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Lords of the Manor EP 1

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